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Understanding Vata Dosha

For those who aren’t very familiar with Ayurveda and the doshas, I thought I would share some insight into Vata dosha.

Vata dosha is “that which moves things”. It governs all movement processes within the body, mind and subtle body. It contains space and air elements and qualities of coldness, dryness, and mobility. Try to imagine these qualities coming into contact with you.

When disturbed, it can lead to imbalances such as:






Excess gas and bloating

Coldness of the hands and feet

Dryness of the skin


Thinning of the nails, hair, and bones

Premature aging and wrinkles

Frequent travel


Handling many tasks at one time

When working with any individual, I often find Vata dosha to be the first thing to work with regardless of one’s constitution because it usually is the first to move out of balance. Once that occurs, it can oftentimes push Pitta dosha and Kapha dosha out of balance as well.

The antidote to calming Vata, is through the opposite…slowing down, grounding, stabilizing,

and warmth.

When a Vata type is in balance, they are charismatic and bubbly, are one’s who jump at the idea of trying new things, are adventurous, and flock from place to place. They are the creative, inspiring, and artistic souls. While we all know someone who is exactly like this, Vata, just like the other doshas, are in all of us. We all contain space and air, as well as fire and water (Pitta), and water and earth (Kapha). We just have different ratios of each within us. That’s what makes the joy of who you are, you.

Here’s some simple tips you can do to calm the Vata in you.

  • Create a simple morning and evening routine to give Vata some structure and stability

  • Reduce screen time and scrolling

  • Daily walks in nature

  • Abhyanga (self oil massage)

  • Warm and unctuous foods

  • Alternate nostril breathing

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