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Pitta Dosha Summer Season Tips

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Find your natural glow this season.

Between fire and water is a space of contentment. Although these elements seem opposing in nature, they balance each other out rather than wipe each other out. This is what a balanced pitta, consisting of fire and water elements, looks like.

As we move out of the springtime Kapha season that is predominantly wet and earthy, and into a sharp and heated Pitta season, we may begin to notice these fire qualities come to the surface this summer. In the midst of the summer, we can find more contentment and balance by moderating the fire (which dries us out) with the juiciness of water.

Pitta dosha governs metabolism and the transformational aspect of digestion such as the breakdown of food into energy as well as how we digest our thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. When Pitta is balanced, this heat encourages growth, courage, energy, vigor, focus, and to see things in a larger perspective. When pitta is out of balance, you’ll notice more hot headed behaviors such as anger, being overly critical, as well as hot flashes, acid reflux, skin rashes and sensitivities, and anything that ends in “itis”.

Ayurveda has a concept of like increases like, and the opposite balance each other out.

Here are some tips to help your inner glow shine through this summer.

Tip #1 - Moderation

A Pitta out of balance can go to the extremes. Keeping a consistent sleep cycle by going to bed by 10 pm ( Pitta functions between the hours of 10-2 am/pm, and being up during the witching hour can make it harder to go and stay asleep) and awaken at sunrise. Avoid being in too much sun, and use some breathing techniques to manage too much stress. One of my favorites is Abhyanga, or self oil massage, with a cooling coconut oil or a special Pitta body oil blend from Paavani Ayurveda skin care. Click here to access a 10% discount with the code onewave10.

Tip #2 - Staying Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated by sipping drinks such as coconut water or a tea such as rose, mint, and tulsi. Cooking methods such as steaming, boiling, and sautéing will help hold the unctuous quality of foods. Roasting, frying, and grilling can cause the foods to become more drying and will only increase the hot and dryness within you.

Tip #3 - Keep it Cool

Tend to pitta’s fire by consuming foods with more bitter, astringent, and sweeter tastes, and dress your food up through mint, cilantro, dill, parsley, fresh ginger, and lime. Avoid spicy, fried, or overstimulating foods. Perhaps swapping your morning coffee with a matcha tea or latte every now and then.

Tip #4 - Find your Zen

Find some level of chill in your workouts. Make time to workout or get your movement practice in during the cooler parts of the day rather than midday. Summer is a time to embrace a little more yin. Avoid building too much heat with heated rooms, and too much high intensity training.

Tip #5 - Soothe Yourself

Soothe your fiery feelings with meditation or yoga nidra. Devoting your time to look inward can offer great opportunities to be more discerning between your reaction (aka flipping your lid) and your response (thoughtfulness aligned with who you are) to things in and outside of yourself.

As we seek balance through Ayurveda and movement, remember that all three doshas are in each one of us, just in a different amount (that’s what makes you, you). Even if Pitta is not your predominant constitution, you can still experience Pitta imbalances. When you notice the signs, you can adjust your lifestyle to these tips to make an impact on how you feel this summer,

and beyond.

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