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Move with freedom and ease. 

Restorative, Strengthening, and Integrative 

movement and bodywork therapies

Located in Rochester, NY

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Modern living doesn’t allow our bodies to move optimally and can lead to inefficient patterns of pain, restriction, and unease. Let us help you evolve out of these patterns and into balance.


At One Wave Awake, we combine traditional and modern holistic therapies to restore your body and mind towards movement freedom and ease. 

What you can expect:

We help clients (from various level athletes, busy mothers, entrepreneurs, and women’s pelvic pain management) understand where their challenges stem from within the body and provide individualized sessions to restore, strengthen, and integrate their whole selves towards an optimal state of well-being.

Our Services

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We are located at :

Frequency Wellness Space

34 Elton Street, Suite 103

Rochester, NY 14607

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“I worked with Sam while preparing for natural childbirth. We focused on strengthening my pelvic floor and giving me tools to have the labor experience I wanted. I used so much of what I learned during labor and delivery and am so grateful for our work together. I know that our work helped me carry out my birth plan and to heal after.”

Katie W.

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